Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EPT Grand Final 2012

Congratulations to Leo Margets for her win in the Ladies event in the EPT Grand Final in Monaco.  Also, a tip of the hat to runner-up Victoria Cohen who literally ran herself ragged multi-tabling the TOC at the same time she was playing the Ladies Event.

Monday, April 30, 2012

EPT2012 Grand Final

Just finished watching the live stream of the EPT2012 Grand Final final table.  The coverage was great and I learned quite a bit from the privilege of seeing the entire range of hands.  Never was able to figure out Bernard, though.  He played horribly. "Nit" doesn't begin to describe it.  He did manage to fold his way to 3rd place, about 400euro more than 8th.  So I guess he can always point to that as his high water mark, and I must admit that sum of money is anything but insignificant, especially at his age.  But still.......watching him make bad plays and sit there waiting for J's or better before he'd play post flop?  It was actually painful to witness.  He actually folded A8  3-handed on the turn after he had flopped top pair (A's) to a rather weak-looking double barrel from Cailly.

I must admit, however, that the reaction of the commentators was more than worth the pain.  Stapleton, especially was incredulous.  The poker pro guest commentators were only slightly less exasperated.

I guess it's true what they say,  "There's at least one donkey at every table".  Even the final table.

Friday, April 27, 2012

SSDD, again.

I'll be sooo glad when the Fed's get their heads out of their asses and their noses out of our business.  Playing online free poker is nothing but a big donk-fest.  No one respects the game (maybe they don't know how to play?).  Just busted 137th/1470.  I was short and pushed UTG+1 for a little over 9,000 (about 11BB's) with suited Broadway cards.  Idiot on the button calls off 95% of his stack with A8os?????  WTF kinda poker play is that?  I'd never showed anything less than quality hands all night, carefully building a solid rep for a deep run.  This guy had absolutely no excuse for calling.  I guess it's true:  There's No Defense Against a Lucky Donkey.

How would you handle this?